5 ICOs to moon in 2018

August 30, 2018


5 ICO’s to moon in 2018

Forget Bitcoin’s impressive run, and even Ripple’s recent sprint – ICOs are ready to provide the best returns yet again.

With all the headlines and holiday table talk with grandma about Bitcoin (“definitely a bubble”; “you’re an idiot for throwing your money into it”; “where can I buy some?”), smarter investors have long moved past Bitcoin for the much greater returns (albeit with higher risks) of lesser-known cryptocurrencies (aka, “altcoins).

Incredible 2017 ICOs profits

If you bought Ripple at the beginning of 2017, each token would set you back $0.006. It is now trading above $3 (yes, that is a 500 times or 50,000% return). NEO went from $0.14 to $100. And so on.

ICOs take it a step farther

Yet even altcoins are only the second best crypto investment opportunity. The most ambitious crypto investors chase the biggest potential profits by participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and pre-ICOs (same, but earlier and less publicized). ICOs and pre-ICOs are a way for new cryptocurrency companies to get early funding and prove to the market that they are worth investing in – before they get listed on an exchange for public trading.

Why investors love ICOs

To reward investors for providing this early funding, ICOs offer bonus tokens (essentially promising to give them more bang for their buck). 2017 was a spectacular year for ICOs. And 2018 looks to be even bigger. Here are 5 promising ICOs to look into for taking your money to the moon in 2018 (*All investment is inherently speculative; this is not investment advice – purchase at your own risk.)

1. Loci

The intellectual property industry has long been an ideal candidate for disruption by blockchain technology: the process of protecting your IP is long, complex, and expensive. Filing for a patent can and should be made much more automatic. Showing clear ownership of IP should not require retaining a lawyer and filing motions. Even the process of finding out if something is patented is still stuck in the previous century. Venture-backed Loci came up with a patent research tool (InnVenn) that anyone can use with ease. And on their platform, users can use LOCIcoin to buy and sell intellectual property. This creates demand for LOCIcoin as a utilitarian token for the company’s IP platform.

2. Rentberry

Rentals are another platform that loves disruption (as Aribnb so vividly showed). Landlords hate dealing with tenants almost as much as tenants hate dealing with landlords. Neither party trusts the other, resulting in high security deposits and long vetting processes. Enter Rentberry– a decentralized platform specifically focused on long-term rentals. Since 2015, Rentberry’s platform has been disrupting the rentals industry by automating every step of the renting process: rent, contracts, etc. This has resulted in faster and more secure transactions between landlords and tenants – with much less hassle and disputes (and fewer security deposits).

3. Coinlancer

One of the biggest social trends in the last two decades has been the move from old corporate, office-centric, 9-5 work structure into more freelance and remote jobs and gigs. The rise of the gig economy creates a perfect entry for a company like Coinlancer to enter. Based on Ethereum, Coinlancer uses smart contracts to create a freelancing platform to challenge Upwork and others in the space. Upwork’s 20% fee cuts deeply into their freelancer’s pockets, so a smart contract escrow option would be a welcomed change. Because of its use of smart contracts, Coinlancer is able to charge only 3%. It does so without sacrificing the usual benefits of an online labor marketplace, such as dispute mediation – which it does quite effectively using a peer review system.

4. FansUnite

When speculating about blockchain applications for something that makes money – a lot of it – gambling often comes up as the top choice. Sports betting has always been a profitable business, but highly problematic. It is even illegal in some countries (like most of the United States). Onto the field steps FansUnite – the first sports betting platform based on the blockchain. Today, those who bet on sports are struggling to find a solution that covers all the sports and matches they like, while also providing high liquidity, large bet volume, and freedom from excessive regulation. FansUnite makes sure that fans can bet as much as they want on their favorite games in a secure and robust system.

5. Trippki

Finally, there is an ICO in the space that has been in a constant state of disruption for decades, with success still quite limited: travel. Specifically, travel rewards given by hotels to guests continue to fall short of guest expectations and are still too confusing to fully appreciate their value. Trippki leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized travel rewards protocol. The goal is to make earning and redeeming rewards much easier and, well… rewarding. For hotels, this creates a much stronger relationship with guests and an ability to create a rewards programs that maximizes bookings and revenue.

The bigger picture

These are just five promising ICOs for 2018. Because they solve real-world problems that affect a lot of people, they have a good chance to – as they say among crypto investors – “go to the moon” in 2018. Each one is different and has different advantages. Each is in its own stage of development. Most importantly, each is tackling a different market. So the pace and outcome for each may vary widely. Let’ look back at these in a year and see which mooned and which flopped. In the crypto world, anything can happen.

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