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Best ERC-20 Compatible Wallet Poll 

Which Wallet Rules

ICOs and ERC-20 Tokens 

Why would you need an ERC-20 compatible wallet? Here’s a quick explanation to make sense of this all. In the past couple of years, ICOs have taken the crypto market by a storm. Fintech companies are using ICOs to fund their projects. The majority of ICOs distribute ERC-20 tokens in return for funds contributed in their project. With this intention, an ERC-20 token holder can use it as a utility token within the project’s ecosystem. Although this may be true, many ICO investors are looking to turn a profit. They hope that their new tokens will sell at a higher price than they initially bought it. That is if the project they’ve invested in succeeds.

Most ICOs distributes tokens based on an ERC-20 protocol. In effect, ERC-20 designate a set of rules for developers to follow. In turn, they create a token that can easily be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. To put it another way, if you’ve participated in an ICO you probably own tokens which are ERC-20. Hence, the ICO had to send your new tokens to an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Which ERC-20 Compatible wallet Rules?

Currently, there are a variety of wallets compatible with Ethereum token. In fact, some don’t require any download like “MyEtherWallet”. You might like to store your new ERC-20 tokens on an iPhone or Andriod mobile app. You may download a desktop compatible wallet. Not to mention, “MyEtherWallet” in combination with Trazor or Ledger.

So, let us jump right into it. This poll is designed to get a ruling once and for all. You, our awesome community, will determine which ERC-20 compatible wallet rules them all. Dive right into it and cast your answers and vote. Find out if you hold the king of kings or the peasant of ERC-20 compatible wallets. Good luck, and may the force be strong with you.

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