Bitcoin for Beginners Quiz 2018


Bitcoin for Beginners Quiz


Bitcoin For Beginners – Test Yourself

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast or just crypto curious there’s no denying bitcoin has been quite the talk of 2017. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been flushed with bitcoin talk. It has been a hot topic on any given news channel. In fact, a quick google trend search shows it has come to a peak in bitcoin google trends 2017. So, it has gotten to a point that even your grandmother, who’s on the bitcoin for beginners club, probably asked you what bitcoin is.

Behold The Bitcoin For Beginners Quiz

Some of the terminology associated with bitcoin can intimidate how to invest in cryptocurrency. Indeed, blockchain, segwit, paper wallet, to name a few, can confuse bitcoin beginners. Bitcoin beginners get so confused to the point; they give up on the topic. In effect, they will just shake their heads with embarrassment asking to break off the conversation.The Right ICO was initially created to help our community get a grasp of this new technology. In the first place, we realized that there is a real thirst for knowledge. However, that knowledge appearing as “Sci-Fi” to bitcoin beginners was a hard cookie to crack. In other words, we took aim at simplifying the education process. 

With this intention, we’ve created quizzes and polls that will assist beginners. If you’re a beginner this will help you get your head around some core terminology. These polls are fun and interactive. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Getting answers wrong won’t get you in jail or make you lose any money. Instead, it will help you understand where you lack information. As a result, you will know exactly what you need to research. You can use our search bar, read our blog posts, or search google. If you’re not a bitcoin beginner this is your chance to prove you’re mastery. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.You may also check out our Cryptocurrency for beginners to refresh your memory and knowledge.

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