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So, you’ve got the next best idea and project? Use the ICO REVIEW SUBMISSION FORM below to submit your content. Please make sure to read the Guide before submitting your work. 

You’ve got a whitepaper, an awesome team, and a product that is ready launch. In fact, it will disrupt an industry as we know it.
Now you wish the world to know about it. Super! We’re here to support. Our community would love to hear about your project and support it.


  • Read the ICO Review Submission Form Guide before submitting the content
  • Fill in the content in the fields provided (content must be unique in order for us to publish it)
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  • Please note that you must be part of the Project’s marketing team for your content to be approved. 

Our Community is waiting – ICO REVIEW SUBMISSION FORM

We appreciate you considering The Right ICO as part of your marketing efforts. As a community of crypto enthusiast, we’re happy to present your project for review and consideration.
In order for your content to be posted on our site, there are several prerequisites that must be met to comply with basic SEO standards.
As well, we’ve worked hard to present a solid UX to our community members. In this case, the structure of your content must meet our overall site design structure.
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Our community wishes you the best for your upcoming project. Our members will attempt to review and monitor the progress of your project. In short, It is within our hearts to promote and encourage legitimate projects that are set to disrupt industries. The community believes in the progress and advancement of blockchain technology. To put it another way, it welcomes new ICOs with real substance and advancements for mankind. 

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