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August 30, 2018


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The Right ICO PR Submission

The Right ICO is a community site. Its purpose is allowing its members to contribute content and information on different ICO projects. As a result, Validating ICO projects strength and weaknesses. On the negative side, many projects out there act with bad intentions. The number of scam ICO’s is piling up. For this reason, The Right ICO is creating a zone for members to share their findings and personal insights. Press Release is a great way for an ICO to educate our community about the project.

The Right ICO’s concept is keeping the ICO Review as unbiased as possible. To achieve this goal the power of reviewing is rolled over to the community. In the first place, an ICO project should be as transparent as possible to have any merit to attract investors.

Why Submit a PR

ICO PR is a great way to raise awareness. There are many great projects out there. Yet, with the abundance of them, investors can easily get overwhelmed. That being the case, it makes it hard to study them all. In other words, PR is a great tool to allow a more in-depth look at the project. In fact, the personal communications of project’s team with our community will go a long way in raising interest and engagement.

Who should submit a PR

With this in mind, ICO’s marketing teams are welcomed to submit their Press release. In effect, this will expose more information about the project to our community. If you’re a part of an ICO’s marketing team, follow the instructions on how to submit your PR.

How To Submit a PR

PR is priced at $99. Acceptable form of payments is Bitcoin or Ethereuem. Email the PR to  Post invoice payment we will publish the press release. We will update you with relevant links. The PR will be published in the article section and will go out on our social channels and Newsletter.

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