Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

August 30, 2018


Crypto exchange Rates

Huge transaction fees are a big problem facing cryptocurrency traders. Bitcoin is still in its early stages, and fees may vary wildly depending on the companies offering them. The fees levied are influenced by several factors such as your country of residence, the method of payment, currency and the type of trade. Cryptocurrency exchange rates are basic fees imposed by an exchange for using their platform. Trade fees are imposed on users who trade cyptos for different currencies. Trade fees may be referred to as “maker” or “taker” depending on the type of operation a trader performs. Deposit or withdrawal fees are levied for depositing or withdrawing funds from an exchange.


Coinbase is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Currently, traders can exchange Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoins, USD, British Pound, and Euro on a clean and user-friendly interface. Trade Fees: 1.49% on currency exchange made on Coinbase accounts Deposit fee (Credit cards): 3.99% Bank Deposit: US – 1.49%, EUR/UK (SEPA): Free Bank Withdrawal: US – 1.49%, EUR/UK (SEPA): €0.15 Transaction time: Credit cards purchases are typically instant. However, high traffic on the blockchain network may push transaction time further. Bank transfers could take up to 3-5 business days.


Coinmama is an Israel-based Bitcoin broker established in 2013. Users can easily buy Bitcoins using credit cards. Coinmama allows users to exchange the USD, Bitcoin, Euro, and Ether. Users have often complained about the exchange’s hefty rates owing to chargeback issues. Trade fees: 7.85% Deposit fee (Credit cards): 5% Transaction time: New accounts may show transactions pending for a few hours, however, subsequent transactions are completed as soon as payment is received and verified.


CEX.IO is an exchange that started out as a Bitcoin cloud mining provider in 2013. It offers cryptocurrency trading for hard currency such as the USD, GB Pound, Euro, Ruble, Ether, and Litecoin. CEX.IO accepts credit cards as well as bank transfers. Maker fee: 0% – 0.16% depending on the volume of trade. Taker fee: 0.1% – 0.25% depending on volume Credit Card Deposit fee: 3.5% + $0.25 Credit Card Withdrawal fee: VISA – $3.80, Mastercard – 1.2% + $3.80 Bank Deposit: Free Bank Withdrawal: USD –$50, and EUR –€25 Transaction time: Fiat withdrawal takes up to 20-30 days or even longer.


LocalBitcoins is a company based in Helsinki, Finland that facilitates the trading of local currencies for Bitcoins among people from different countries. Localbitcoin’s users post advertisements of their cryptocurrency exchange rates and payments methods for buying or selling Bitcoins. Traders can agree to make an exchange either physically or through an online banking system. Payment methods are also agreed upon by the seller and buyer. Advertising fee: 1% on completed trades Non-advertised trades: free Deposit fee: 0.00066 BTC Withdrawal fee: 0.00022BTC Transaction time: 10-60 minutes


Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based Bitcoin exchange established in 2011. It allows users to trade the USD or Euro for Bitcoins or Ripple. Bitstamp has a flawless history of safety as it has never been hacked or shut-down. However, most users view their limited payment options as a great shortcoming Trade Fees: 0.1%-0.25% depending on the amount traded Credit Card Deposit: 5%-8% depending on amount Credit Card Withdrawal: $10 for transactions amounting to $1000 or less – 2% for $2000 or more Bank Deposit: International Wire – 0.05%, EUR – free Bank Withdrawal: International Wire – 0.09%, EUR – €0.09 Transaction time: Bitcoin deposit may take up to one hour due to the required network confirmations. Bitcoin transfers are instant


Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the US, and among the few fully regulated companies. Bittrex is known for their stable wallets, lightning-fast trade execution, and cutting-edge security practices. Maker fee: 0.25% Taker fee: 0.25% Deposits: free Transaction time: Bitcoin transfers are instant


Kraken is a well-known Bitcoin exchange operating in the US, Canada, the EU, and Japan. Founded in 2011, Kraken is currently the largest exchange based on Euro trading and liquidity. Kraken allows cryptocurrency exchange for the USD, CAD, British Pounds and Japanese yen. The exchange is known for low fees and quick funding. Maker/ taker fee: 0% – 0.36% depending on volume and currency pair Bank Deposit / Withdrawal: International Wire – 0%-0.19% or fixed commission depending on deposit and withdrawal currency Bitcoin deposit takes up to 1 hour due to the 6 needed confirmations Transaction time: Withdrawal takes 1-5 business days.


Bitsquare (Bisq) is a decentralized Bitcoin exchange that allows users to trade Bitcoins for national currencies while focusing on customer privacy. Maker fee: 0.02% Taker fees: 0.02% Transaction time: Bitcoin transaction takes up to 10 minutes while awaiting confirmation


Coinhouse is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Paris France established in 2014. The exchange allows users (France citizens & other Europeans) to trade their local currencies for Bitcoins. Coinhouse accepts credit cards and has no chargebacks. Transaction fees depend on the accumulated amount of Bitcoins that a user has bought from the exchange.0 to 500€: 10% 500€ to 1,500€: 9% 1,500€ to 3,000€: 8% 3,000€ to 5,000€: 7% 5,000€ to 10,000€: 6.5% Transaction time: credit card purchases are usually instant.


Poloniex is a US-based crypto exchange that offers advanced trading features and maximum security. The exchange allows users to trade virtually every major cryptocurrency. Notable cryptocurrency supported by the exchange include Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum classic, and Monero. Maker fee: 0.15% Taker fee: 0.25% Transaction time: Withdrawals take anything between 10 minutes to 24 hours

By Felix Kingston

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