Crypto Market Sentiment Poll – 2018


Crypto Market Sentiment Poll 

Save or Invest

Crypto Market Sentiment Poll 

The crypto market is extremely volatile. In addition, it lacks solid regulation because the market is still in its infancy stages. In the past year, we’ve seen crypto traders, novice and experienced alike, take the market by a storm. Bitcoin surged to $20K levels. But, it has trended down to $10K levels a few months later. Be that as it may, this isn’t an indication that the crypto market is dead. As a matter of fact, this could mean that the market is settling to its natural state. Opinions are flying everywhere with bulls and bear head-butting daily over this very question.

Crypto Vs. Traditional

In an interview with Bloomberg dated back to September 2014, Sir Richard Branson was positive about Bitcoin. Sir Branson said, “It is quite volatile, but people make money in volatile situations”. As a matter of fact, this statement is true for the financial markets in general. Similarly, there are no guarantees for positive investments outcome in the traditional financial market. For example, we’ve seen volatility and instability during the subprime crises. All things considered, investment in our traditional financial market can produce instability as much as the cryptocurrency market. Although this may be true, the digital coin market is still fairly new. In addition, it lacks solid regulations that can cause serious volatility that may scare investors away.

Are you a Crypto market Master

We’re calling our community to take a quick poll. For the purpose of identifying what the sentiment is for some of the major crypto coins traded today. The poll is fairly simple and quick. Will you invest in the coin, or will you save your money?  All you need to do is click “Save” or “Invest”. In other words, find out if you hold the majority sentiment or are you trading away from the herd.

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