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August 30, 2018


PayBis Exchange – How does it work?


PayBis is a UK-based cryptocurrency and e-currency exchange point that allows customers to buy bitcoins using a debit card and credit cards. The platform accepts all major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). Once account holders sign up, their identity is verified through a number of processes. Purchase of bitcoins through PayBis is quite easy and among the most convenient out there. An exchange is typically instant, except for new users who may need to wait until the verification process is complete (usually 15-20 minutes). PayBis has made it quite easy to buy Bitcoins using debit/ credit cards. The site guarantees bitcoin delivery right after a transaction is approved. The online exchange has a weekly purchase limit of $10000 and a monthly limit of $50000. It is important to note that PayBis’ credit card commission, 5%, is one of the lowest.
Here is what you need to consider before joining PayBis
It is imperative to understand deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees before you sign up for an account. PayBis charges a fee of 2% on Paypal withdrawals and 5% on credit card purchases.
Searching through reviews from individual users and well-know industry websites is crucial for understanding the site’s reputation. Generally, PayBis has exemplary customer service, numerous payment options and quick and smooth transactions.
Payment Methods
PayBis offers a unique range of payment methods including Paypal, wire transfer, debit card or credit cards, WebMoney, Perfect Money, and Paxum. A good exchange should not have limited payment options. Purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit card will attract higher transaction and processing fees (5%) while a wire transfer could take significantly longer as it takes time for banks to process transactions.
Verification Requirements
Verification is important for protecting an exchange against money laundering and scams. PayBis require an Identity (ID or DL) and address verification. Additional verification such as a printed declaration may also be required.
Geographical Restrictions
Ensure you have full access to all the platform’s tools and functions in your country of residence. It is important to check location limitation before signing up for PayBis. Services remain unavailable for residents from six states in the US(New York, Georgia, Connecticut, New Mexico, Washington, Hawaii), Cuba, Bosnia, Japan, Iceland, Yemen, Korea and a few other countries.
Exchange Rates
Different exchanges attract different rates. It’s not uncommon for rates to fluctuate up to 10% and even higher in some instances. You can easily compare PayBis’ exchange rates for different payment options such as BTC, PayPal, and PerfectMoney on their website Available exchange; Cryptocurrency: BTC-e code, Bitcoin.
How to Buy bitcoin
With Credit Card instantly on PayBis

Sign up for PayBis
This can easily be done by signing up via Facebook or Google

Enter the amount of money
you want to spend or the desired number of bitcoins you want to buy.

Provide your personal information
needed for verification; upload a clear copy of your ID document.

After approval of verification
(usually about 30 minutes but could take as much as 24 hours),
you can confirm your purchase.

Traders on PayBis can trade their digital coins by inputting a market or limit order similar to that of a conventional stock exchange. Upon selection of a market order, an exchange is authorized to trade coins for the best price in the virtual marketplace. The limit order commands a digital platform to trade tokens for a value below the present asking price or greater than the present bid value, depending on whether a trader is selling or buying. For instance, if there are three coin sellers asking for BTC/USD 7265.75, BTC/USD 7269.55, and BTC/USD 7270.00. A buyer initiating a market order will have his order served at the best ask price of $7265.75. If two bitcoins only are available for the best ask (BTC/USD 7265.75) and two or more coins are available for $7269.55, and the buyer needs to get four bitcoins, they will receive two coins @ $7265.75 and the remaining two @ $7269.55.
PayBis does not offer information that constitutes investment advice to new customers. However, their live chat provides valuable and fastest customer support.


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