What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that represents money and is used as a medium of exchange.  It’s a currency that is associated with the internet (digital currency).

It’s used to buy and sell online using decentralized and secured transaction technology called the Blockchain.

Today Cryptocurrency is more complex. The technology progresses and becomes “smarter” allowing for more applications than pure peer to peer currency exchange.


Why use Cryptocurrency?

It’s a relatively new market that has a known potential to take off, that means, a small investment can generate great revenue overnight.

It’s secure, encrypted and anonymous.


What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency Mining is a process done using a computer that creates new units of cryptocurrencies, by solving complicated math problems and by that generates it into coins.


What are the most common cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. It’s an incorruptible digital ledger that can record any financial transaction or virtually anything of value.

When you wish to make a transaction, an encrypted “block” of the transaction is created. Miners on the blockchain are validating the transaction by means of complex mathematical computation. The miners of the blockchain approve & validate the transaction exists.

Then, the “Block” is added to the Chain that provides a record of this transaction. The transaction record is permanent and can’t be copied or tampered with.


Why Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is trusted by many people to overtake Bitcoin and lead the coin market. The technology behind “Ether” is what makes it so interesting and unique in comparison to other coins.

While Bitcoin is nothing but a currency, Ethereum is a ledger technology that can be used by companies to build programs and smart contracts, therefore, not only sell and buy but also use other services by using its smart contract technology.


What is a Smart contract?

A smart contract is an account that holds “objects” inside the Ethereum Blockchain. The contracts are considered safe, hard to “hack” and can be used for various applications such as exchanging coins, money, company shares, properties and much more… as long as it has value, you can use it.

The smart contract can provide many benefits. The technology is relatively new and more organizations are looking into it as means to improve their services and security.


What is an ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. It’s a great tool that helps new companies and startups raise funds for new developments trough drafting a plan for a “crowd sale”.

The ICO concept is usually manifested with a “Whitepaper”, Investors fund the project and receive Tokens / a digital coupon that will potentially be initiated to the global cryptocurrency exchange as a digital currency.

This process is usually manifested in the ICO roadmap.

Once the launch is successful, and the service is in demand, the cryptocurrency will gain value by demand.


How can I convert Bitcoin to Ethereum?

There are several online exchange platforms from FIAT to Digital Coins. For a list of reputable exchanges click here. You can also sign up for our free webinar to learn more.

When is the start of the ICO?

Each ICO has a different Launch (pre-sale) and end date, first select the ICO you wish to learn more about, and the dates will be featured on its review card or the ICO official page.

Can I join the crowdsale without creating an Ethereum wallet?

To participate in an ICO you will need an E-Wallet that accepts the tokens you wish to buy. The ICO page usually lets you know which E-Wallets can accept their tokens. For more on the subject click here

Can I participate in an ICO using my E-wallet?

To participate in ICO you will need to go through an exchange and convert FIAT to Digital Coins. You will then have to purchase tokens by transferring funds to the ICO. You will need an E-Wallet that accepts the token you wish to purchase. To learn more about the process click here. You may also signup to our free webinar on the subject.

How many tokens can I buy?

You can buy as many as you please according to the amount available on the ICO pre-sale. Each ICO has a different amount of Tokens for purchase and you can find the info on “Reviews”.

Can you tell me more about “Pre-Sale” options?

The Pre-Sale option is basically a great opportunity to gain profit on the margins of the deal. For example, before the ICO a Pre-Sale will launch where the tokes are offered for sale for 5$ each. Let’s say you decide to buy 1000 of them, therefore you have $5000 worth of Tokens at the moment.

Once the ICO launches, the pre-sale is closed and the tokens are now sold for their full value – $7 each, therefore, you gained $2000 profit on the margins between the $5000 you had and the $7000 it is now worth.


Will my data be protected?

Yes, it is very safe; all transactions are documented in a ledger using crypto technology, also known as the “Blockchain” technology.

Due to its unique transactions documenting system, the Blockchain is uncheckable and protects the user information by supplying 2 keys to each transaction: a private key and a public key.


Will my tokens be available on exchanges after ICO ends?

Yes, after around 30 days, it will finish going through the global exchange and the tokens will transform into coins (cryptocurrencies).

You can then use these coins for buying/ selling online goods and services or even exchange the coins to other types of cryptocurrencies you wish to invest in.


What will happen with unsold tokens?

Well, legitimate ICO company will terminate the unsold tokens after the ICO launch. We make sure to list only such companies on our site.

How to keep an Eye on Crypto Token ICO’s?

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