How to Analyze ICO, Explained

August 30, 2018


How to Analyze ICO, Explained

Are you interested in ICO, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to analyze ICO.

As blockchain tech becomes more popular, startups have new ways to attract venture capital. You’ve probably heard of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). During an ICO, companies offer tokens (cryptocurrency) to interested investors. These tokens sales then help to finance a company’s project.

ICOs are different than buying a stock share in a company. This is because rights will vary from one ICO to the next. In most cases, the investor is entitled to more tokens and a share in the profit. This individual information can be found in your project’s whitepaper.

The crypto market is certainly popular right now. However, unverified and fraudulent projects are counting. We know you want to avoid investment and money loss. So how exactly do you pinpoint promising startups?

Comparing ICOs

Comparing ICOs is useful for ICO teams and investors. Although their aims are different, both results are highly beneficial. Read on to see how comparing ICOs can help you.

For investors, comparing ICOs establishes credibility and delivery of ROI upon project success. This helps investors choose the best commitment with the highest chance of return. This process will also help you invest in a project that you truly believe in.

ICO teams also find it useful to review project offers and token sales. Becuase ICO evaluation helps teams improve their own offers, the results are higher standards, better products, lower risk, and higher return across the market.

Enthusiasts and market analysts want to know the public response to offers. They review things such new offers and tech solutions. They also look at how these market changes might affect and address our world. Moreover, experts believe it is only a matter of time before blockchain is mainstream.

There is no denying that the market is booming. The fact is multiple ICOs launch on a daily basis. This translates to thousands of new offers each year. While this presents a unique opportunity for investors, the market also has high levels of congestion. Project types vary. Some are disruptive and unique, while some are similar to others. Yet others are simply not so impressive.

Each day, tokens flood the market. Sifting through the good and the bad can be difficult. The process itself is time-consuming and requires in-depth review. Fortunately, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that makes this process easier.

So how can I do it?

Comparing offers apples to apples is challenging. The good news? It’s not impossible. Start with this rating system based on coin success indicators to find and invest in the best ICO.

Indicators outline information on the offer itself. This includes the team behind the project, how the project is presented to the public, and how well it is marketed.

The team

A project is only as good as its team. A great team is a clear indicator of a successful project. Team member profiles should be easy to access and have ample information. First of all, you will want to review links to professional profiles. This includes external sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Look here for relevant photos and experience.

The amount of people on a project’s team is also important. Stop and think about it. A large project with only two team members isn’t practical and doesn’t have a high chance of success. A number of team members with various authorities mean that the project has a lot of support. This vastly increases a project’s chance of success. Correspondingly, the return is generally larger too.

ICO information

Easy access to relevant ICO information should be provided. The first thing you will look for is the pre-sale start and end dates. Look for directions to purchase and token price, as well as currency acceptance. Last but not least, a countdown to either the start or end of sale can help take out investor guesswork.

Product presentation 

First and foremost, take a look at the project’s website. Does it look professional? Was it created with care for the project? Is the product or service clear? Are all of your questions addressed?

The project’s content will depend on the details of its whitepaper. This will include specifics of the product/service and platform. The document will also outline goals and when they will be achieved. Finally, more detailed information is also offered on team members and the digital token itself.

Some companies will provide a professional presentation. This is generally a video of the product or service offered. The video should outline product initiatives and goals. Furthermore, this shows a commitment and quality from the ICO team.

What is an MVP?

MVP is the minimum viable product. This is a minimum set of features to satisfy customer needs.

MVP describes a product alpha/beta version. This is a prototype of the future product. A prototype is all about gaining feedback from the investment community. This can lead to product changes and improvement.

MVP hasn’t caught on across the crypto community yet. However, the presence of a prototype definitely increases consumer trust and confidence overall.

Some teams choose to reveal project groundwork. This may involve releasing product code. The code allows investors to check proof of concept. This means reviewing project progress; functionalities, bugs, optimization, and more.

Don’t worry if you can’t fully grasp the code. Most non-programmers won’t be able to. However, this is still an important verification step. If available, non-coders can rely on the opinions of those who are experienced in this area.

What about social media?

I’ve heard things about a coin offer on social media. Should I pay attention it? The answer is yes. You definitely should!

ICOs are continuing to launch into the market. This means that gaining visibility and market traction is a project essential. Similarly, this also helps avoid being drowned out by the fresh news. The best way to judge a project’s success is to look into the team’s marketing efforts, including those on social media channels.

Do they have a community following? Are they active on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Medium? What kind of information are they putting out there? Additionally, are they involved in current blockchain forums such as GitHub and BitcoinTalk? These are all especially relevant questions to ask when verifying ICO.

Checking expert opinions

What is the best way to identify a great investment opportunity? Try talking with those who are more experienced than you. You can start by reviewing the opinions of crypto professionals.

Experts take a broad look at the same material, but with a different approach.


Teams with relevant experience are rated higher than industry novices.

This includes marketing, community and project management, coding, and development.

A project’s integrity will be further promoted by an advisory board.

Product information

ICO teams have two separate aims. The first raising capital for a new concept and the second is the expansion of an existing project. This may include moving an existing concept onto the blockchain network. Existing projects have already proven the viability of service. Consequentially, they are more likely to see success. Experts will favor this type of product over others.

Products that actually address an issue in the marketplace will also receive higher ratings.

Business experience

Look for projects that clearly establish needs. This includes sensible capital requests and long-term goals. Generally, teams with experience rank higher in these areas.

Market robustness

The ICO sector remains unregulated. However, blockchain acceptance continues to rapidly grow. The legislature could alter this fact at any moment. A sustainable project can easily adapt to these types of changes. Therefore, experts will favor projects that remain aware and flexible to the future.

Automating Project Evaluation

Has ICO comparison stopped you from investing in the past? Think again! Software advances have made this process easier than ever before, and you are going to want to hear more.

Many are curious when review processes will be automated. We’re here to tell you that the tech is already here. Not surprisingly, it definitely speeds things up!

The blockchain is set to make compelling leaps in 2018, but it’s not the only one. AI, or artificial intelligence, has also taken crucial steps forward. Companies such as DropDeck, are already pairing these concepts together. Yes, ICO comparison is finally automated! Moreover, taking advantage of these features is a great to get ahead in the digital realm.

Due to AI, programs can now realize certain investor preference as a base. Participants are then analyzed against this framework. The program will then make a decision about project credibility and investment worthiness. This process is uniquely useful to unsure and undecided investors.

How The Right ICO Community Can Help You Review ICO Projects

Are you unsure how to onboard into the crypto sector? The Right ICO is here to help. The Right ICO helps you find and compare popular coin offers. You can also talk with and get advice from experts and investors. Members can even comment, vote, and review their favorite offers. This helps you choose your investments with confidence and commitment.

The Right ICO does more than help you discover new crypto opportunities. They help new investors gain a full understanding and knowledge of the sector. Tons of webinars and educational pieces are just clicks away!

If you are looking for an easy to use ICO community, The Right ICO is your number one choice. This platform provides a safe space to ask questions, and discuss uncertainties. Not to mention all of the excitement surrounding ICO. Finally, gain the confidence you’ve always wanted in the crypto space.

What are your resolutions this year? How about winning big with ICO? The truth is, there is no better time to invest than now.

Follow The Right ICO telegram channel for the latest news in the digital realm. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any follow up questions.

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