ICO Video Review

August 30, 2018


ICO Video Review

Initial Coin Offering Review Videos

ICO video review is a glance at the full review pages on The Right ICO website. Uniquely, the new crowd sale format on the blockchain has come to be known as ICO. Comparatively, it aims to emulate an IPO structure. Although, you must consider that ICO and IPO are completely different funding methods. Legal framework and regulation are at the base of running an IPO. ICOs, for lack of regulation, at times implement a crowdsale in a questionable fashion.

Due Diligence

In fact, the rule of thumb is to review, monitoring, and seek due diligence before investing in any given project. With this in mind, the initial coin offering videos are short clips of our full ICO review pages. ICO reviews are created for our community. The purpose is to allow our community members to collect and share as much information about these projects. To the end that our community members minimize as much exposure as possible to fraud projects.

A Solid Community

At the outset, We have created The Right ICO website to build a solid community. The aim is to facilitate a community that will help its members navigate this wild unregulated market. Yet, we set to build community with a solid belief in the disruption of a large number of services.

Community Service

With this in mind, you can watch the videos and determine if the project is of interest to you. In the event, you find the project attractive simply use the search bar to find the ICO review page. Given these points, we recommend you leave your comments, finding and thoughts on the review page. Your input is a great service to our community. In the long run, the more members that will participate in content and review contribution the more solid the overall project review will be. As consequence, you and any other community member reading the review will have a great set of tools to make educated decisions. In summary, enjoy the videos and reviews.

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