Jaxx Wallet In-Depth Review

August 30, 2018


A Complete, In-Depth Review of Jaxx Wallet

If you are looking for the best app to help you manage your cryptocurrency accounts and portfolios, then check out Jaxx wallet. Although Bitcoin has become an attractive buzz word in the last decade, 2018 promises to an even bigger year for the world of cryptocurrency.

As a result, many new applications are popping up, taking shape, and becoming more popular today. But, depending on what you are looking for, not every app choice might be best for you. So, we are going to take a quick look at one popular cryptocurrency app: Jaxx Wallet.

A Brief History of Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx Wallet was originally created by Anthony Diiorio of Decentral, which is a top blockchain company located in Canada. Interestingly enough, Diiorio is also co-founder of Ethereum, another big name in the world of cryptocurrency. The mission and purpose of Decentral are to help create and build connections between partners and products in the community of cryptocurrency.

About the Jaxx Wallet Interface

The beta version and the first real version of Jaxx supported the top two wallets for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today, Jaxx now supports many different cryptocurrencies and also supports different devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and also has a Chrome extension.

Jaxx Wallet is designed to control and handle coins for you. As a result, Jaxx has become one of the most popular choices of many bitcoin-ers and traders worldwide. It is mainly known for its powerful features, including its security and privacy features.

1. Use it immediately.

Jaxx is available for using it immediately. It is free and does not require a registration. Users also do not have to subscribe or commit to a service.

2. Jaxx gives you complete control of your coins.

You can also use your account with another cryptocurrency system, application or wallet. The point of Jaxx Wallet is for users to be completely free without “locking” people in.

3. Easy access.

Jaxx is easily accessible on any platform that is supported by the team. For example, if you make a change in the app on your phone or tablet, then you will see that change when you open it on your laptop.

4. Easy set up.

You can easily set up the app to appear on many different devices with a password that uses twelve words or codes.

5. Complete control.

You can access all your accounts and coins on Jaxx Wallet. it does not control your funds; they stay securely on the blockchain network.
So, if you save and back up the accounts in the app, then you will still be able to log back into your accounts if you cannot access them.

6. Trade between cryptocurrencies.

The Jaxx interface allows you to trade your coins and bitcoin cash along with other different cryptocurrencies easily, quickly, and safely with only a few touches.

7. Support different opportunities.

Jaxx also supports different blockchain projects allowing users to identify great opportunities for you.

Additionally, the app is easy to access and manage everything in your cryptocurrency world. The team is always integrating access to other exchanges as well as different tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Jaxx Wallet Customer Support

 In addition to all its great features, Jaxx Wallet also offers customer support. If you have questions about using the app, then check out the knowledge base. The official Jaxx and knowledge base is a great place to find tips, tricks, and get answers to questions on using the system.

A five-star customer service team is always important for customers. It is also important when releasing a new application or system to the public.

Conclusion: Jaxx Wallet Review

 In conclusion, Jaxx Wallet makes it easy to help users manage and control their Bitcoins and cryptocurrency accounts on the network. Users can add or remove them from exchanges. Accounts are also safely protected with the secure password (twelve words).

Finally, Jaxx is beautiful, seamless, easy to access and understand. Most people love using it for its great features and high functionality. It is easy to access while on the go and using any device. It also has free customer support if you have any problems while using it. Jaxx just might be the best solution to helping you manage your cryptocurrency accounts and maximizing your time.

So, is Jaxx the best cryptocurrency tool for you? It is free to use, so why not give it a try for yourself? Check out Jaxx Wallet today to learn more.

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