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August 30, 2018


January 30, 2018




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Feb 7, 2018

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Mar 7, 2018



AdHive is the first Influencer Marketing platform in the world, controlled by AI. The service offers a Blockchain-based, fully automated solution for integration of native video ads on the relevant channels.


AdHive’s team is comprised of business development, software development, start-up development and Internet and mobile service experts. Among its members are the co-founders of IOTA, WINGS and the Bancor protocol.


At present, market participants do not interact transparently despite the perpetually rising interest in influencer marketing. Bloggers and advertisers face numerous cases of lack of efficiency all the time, involving inaccurate control tools and metrics, lack of transparency and reliability and overall market complexity.
This ICO’s platform guarantees fully automated connections between market participants, whereby intermediaries with unreasonably high fees are excluded from the chain.
The ICO’s smart contract technology enables the establishment of a clear framework for interaction on and through the market interaction, without any legal agreements being necessary.


The key mission of AdHive is to connect influencer communities and advertisers in order to move big advertising budgets, currently being invested in television, to the digital video industry.

Blockchain technology and AI modules come together to create a platform, which unites bloggers and influencers to form one huge virtual television channel with strong targeting mechanics and a high interest and engagement from audiences, which is unattainable in the TV advertising market as of yet.

AdHive’s platform is a powerful analytical tool, offering users statistical data access in real time regardless of what phase the advertising campaign is.

Advertisers are able to set prices and targeted advertising campaigns and calculate ROI. The community and AI interface guarantee accurate execution of assigned tasks.

AdHive has a vested interest in improving the market availability in general and the level of competition using level by means of cost- and time- efficient campaigns accessible at the global level. The influencer advertising market will be opened by an automated solution to small and average-sized businesses all of the world, as well as to beginning influencers, who are frequently more effective than those with vast experience.


AdHive automates native ad placement on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other network channels. Their token, ADH, represents utilities and advertising capacity, which can be transformed on the platform. AdHive activity and multiple marketing agencies will drive demand for the ADH token. As the company already disposes of a client funnel, stable positive traction is guaranteed in the years to come. This is why influencers will be willing to keep some of their tokens in the system. The number of medium-term holders of ADH will also rise greatly in the next few years. These are mostly advertisers running marketing campaigns.

Agencies that cooperate with influencers will also be able to monetize their local influencer network, gaining free access to the company’s platform. This will generate demand for the ADH token in every country of the world.

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