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August 30, 2018






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Chiliz platform provides sports and e-sports fans the option to have a voice in managing their favorite leagues, teams, events, and games. The company predicts that the sports landscape will be shaped by entities that can activate the audience most effectively by putting fans in control in less than two years. In other words, Fans will have voting rights to guide their favorite teams’ strategy and management decisions.


The ChiliZ team is comprised of game industry experts with long experience in regulated gaming technology. The company is based in Malta where ICO’s, Cryptocurrency is enjoying the national government’s support. The Board of Directors includes current and former leaders from giants like Pokerstars, Facebook, Sina Sports, Playtech, and world famous Esports Team leaders (Fnatic and Vitality among others.

The CEO of the company is Alexandre Dreyfus, who has over 20 years of experience in maturing tech and digital space building businesses. He is also the founder of Chilipoker and Winamax, the most massive online poker room in France. He founded Mediarex Entertainment and obtained The Hendon Mob and the Global Poker Index in 2013.


The company intends to launch its token and platform in the last quarter of this year. The ultimate goal of the execution is to allow fans to vote, trade, and control the market. These are among the most critical organizational decisions. ChiliZ continues to develop implementation with league-wide management and supervision options for new online users.


Their token $CHZ powers the company’s platform, currently at its private placement stage and already raised an impressive amount of funds in the second quarter of this year. As it is still in private placement stage, exact future dates aren’t available. At any rate, it has managed to empower fans to play a meaningful, active role in guiding key decision-making events for the first time. It was made possible by applying a novel, scalable trading infrastructure based on the blockchain, into which secure tokenized voting rights breathed life. These were implemented on the chiliZ platform via Smart contracts. The blockchain solution gamifies voting rights into an experience of trading and re-trading. This way every fan’s voting decision will have a direct effect on e-sports teams and championships all over the world. The teams can then operate in both new infrastructures like multigame leagues and existing, more traditional events such as ESL.


The first major application of the chiliZ platform, powered by the token, will be to fuel the Global Player League (GPL) – an e-sports league controlled by fans, based in cities and globally scalable. This league caters to a community of 2 billion fans. Realized with blockchain technology, this fan-controlled e-sports league infrastructure makes it possible for fan consensus to guide the GPL’s team franchises directly. This will be achieved via the unique voting rights that support each company token through Smart contracts. This is a way to ensure a perpetual connection between teams and their fans.


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