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August 30, 2018


January 3, 2018




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January 3, 2018

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DIW makes it possible to store important, sensitive information such as passwords, identification documentation, validated know-your-customer documentation, bank account and credit card information, wills, and other valuable data safety and security within the framework of a highly encrypted, private and risk-free decentralized platform. Account holders can share all or part of their data safety on the platform.


• Stephanos Constantinou, CEO & Co-Founder
• Christopher Zenios, COO & Co-Founder
• Simon Zenios, Chief Legal Officer
• Luke Andrew Ch., Chief Financial Officer
• Steven Nonis, Solidity Developer
• Michael Jakobsen, Blockchain & Software Consultant
• Chrysanthos Nonis, Security Penetration Officer
• Steven Nicola, Senior Web Developer
• Anton Bogdanov, Cryptographer & Application Developer
• Nikolas Konstantinou, Chief Networking Officer
• Constantina Samara, Senior Web Designer
• Ben Boyadjian, Chief Analytics Officer


This token is a payment gateway for all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The unified, decentralized platform of the company provides owners with a novel, groundbreaking and secure way to accept payments in all major currencies. Its creators intend for it to be user-friendly, easy to integrate checkout system for a wide variety of websites dealing with e-commerce, including those featuring Joomla, WordPress and other open source content management systems.


The platform’s escrow service, which is a smart contract – based, will render all contacts and transactions between parties completely safe. It will be easy to use, but at the same time smart and sophisticated, making sure all transaction conditions have been fulfilled before any funds are released.

The company’s electronic health record program will enable secure sharing and encrypted storage of personal EHRs between validated physicians, labs, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals and account holders with the additional option of using smart contract mechanisms integrated with the company network.

The company plans to introduce an international directory where organizations and individuals can list their services, thereby enhancing their scope. The directory will be characterized by a smart rating system leading to greater transparency and trust between all account holders.


This is not a security token. It does not promise future profit and is not an investment as the token can be used via the company’s platform only. The DIW ecosystem will be supported by the DIW token because it will be utilized for transactions on the company’s platform. DIW invites solely potential users who want to buy their tokens entirely for personal use. Its blockchain is based on Ethereum technology, which is quite sophisticated, but not without its downsides, the main one being scalability. It can process a maximum of 10 transactions per second. DIW has incorporated special technology, which is limitless, as it adapts and scales in direct proportion to demand.

On a final note, DIW tokens represent neither entity ownership nor DIW company shares. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted in the whitelist period. Only the latter will be accepted during the public ICO when the tokens will be transferred to the contributor’s wallet automatically.

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