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August 30, 2018






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March 15, 2018

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April 10, 2018




Gizer has done something incredible and taken two of the hottest trends (gaming and blockchain) and woven them together to create proof-of-concept for something beautiful;  the Global Gaming Network.

With over 10,000 active users competing in thousands of eSports tournaments across over 50 games, Gizer has leveraged advances in blockchain technology to implement the Global Gaming Identity (GGiD); a universal statistic tracking software bundled with a 3D avatar system on the Ethereum network. Gizer’s goal is to make GGiD a universally adopted network on Ethereum. Users will be able to collect items for rank, store statistics, and customize their appearance to gain prestige within the community. As the network grows, they will encourage game developers and other applications to leverage the Global Gaming Identity. GZR, an ERC-20 token, is Gizer’s core building block. It creates a user identity called the Global Gaming Identity (GGiD).

Tokens can be cashed by unraveling a Treasure, which randomly unlocks a unique equippable and tradeable item. Items received can be used to craft a player’s unique identity. The items are displayed in Unity3D on the front-end and are constructed with the ERC-721 token standard on the Ethereum network.  GZR will give users the ability to clutch proprietorship, handover ownership, and to award anyone the right to handover the token on their behalf and to generate unique, collectible items on the Gizer network. Gizer is currently available as a mobile app on iOS and Android with GGiD making its debut on web only.


Gizer’s team is comprised of passionate entrepreneurs with expertise in the areas of finance, digital marketing, mobile gaming, eSports, user experience, and social networking. Additionally, members of the team possess deep knowledge of system architecture and scalable cloud infrastructure, mobile app growth, blockchain and startup development. Their experiences, combined with their strategic advisors, make Gizer a force to be reckoned with in the rapidly evolving eSports space.


Gizer is a global gaming network currently in beta on iOS and Android with 10,000 users across 45 countries. The Global Gaming Identity is an Ethereum-based profile system powered by GZR (ERC-20 token) and unique equippable items represented by ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. As users compete in thousands of tournaments across 50+ different games, Gizer allows them to build up their profiles on the blockchain through collectible virtual goods, statistics and peer-to-peer interactions.


The concept is simple: virtual, collectible, provably scarce items designed to structure and enhance a user’s profile on the blockchain. Considering Gizer features tens of thousands of users playing in dozens of different games, the network provides the perfect opportunity to build a universal profile for gamers. Currently, gamers spend thousands of dollars and hours grinding away to enhance their profiles in their favorite games, only to lose their achievements when they decide to stop playing said games. Gizer allows users to carry their achievements over game to game, and to monetize their accolades through virtual, collectible goods.


Gizer is built with a strict philosophy of ‘20 seconds or less’ in mind. Everything on the network can be achieved in less than 20 seconds. Meaning, a user can download the app, sign up, and be competing for real-life prizes in as little as 20 seconds. To get started players need only download the app on iOS and Android (coming soon to web). Over the course of Q2-2018 Gizer is developing bleeding edge blockchain technologies which will be seamlessly integrated into their mobile apps for users to enjoy.


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