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October 7, 2018






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HydroCoin (HYC) is one of the largest energy-related ICOs. HYC is a token according to ERC20-standard with several functions like traceability on marketplaces, a payment solution for fuels and gradual certification for gas stations. The ICO Smart Contract, based on Ethereum Blockchain, is programmed intelligently, manages all necessary steps for the distribution process. HYC supports clean energy technologies worldwide. It will help to develop new technologies for renewable energy. The ICO will end 30th September 2018. Price of 1 HYC is 0.001 ETH. The total amount of HYC is one bln in maximum. Earliest day for listing at marketplaces will be 1st October 2018. Visit hydrocoin.org.

HYC is a utility token providing three functions. The core functionality will be the payment – function. To realize realtime-payments without fees, fully automatic from machine-2-machine, car-2-pump. The certificate-function will create the infrastructure with fuel-stations providing clean, renewable fuels.


HYC’s team is comprised of experts in the areas of finance, marketing, physics, engineering and Blockchain technology as well as legal experts. Also, the members of the team possess in-depth knowledge of renewable energies, technologies, PR, currencies, Blockchain investment and information quality. Their collective experience in development of renewable energy technologies, financial management, and investment maintenance spans over a century.


HYC will develop a SmartApp with a map showing all stations within the network. This Smart app will also provide digital payments in real-time without any fee, also micro-payments. The digital-payment – the solution is also open for 3rd-party services. To make it compatible with other ERC20-Token, the Smart app will offer an atomic-swap-function.

To build-up this payment-infrastructure, HydroCoin will invest up to 50% of the collected money into small de-centralized H2-gas-stations and EV-charging-stations.


HYC is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. HYC will be tradable on this blockchain. HydroCoin will use the blockchain to adequately and conveniently harness any deposit-requiring benefits (such as battery deposit, rental deposit, etc.). With the development of novel storage solutions for hydrogen (LOHC – Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier), HydroCoin serves the correct billing. In conjunction with intelligent counter technology, the LOHC liquid is tracked via the blockchain. This will publicly and unalterably create available data on the quantity, load, place of loading, place of unloading on the blockchain and involved third parties (e.g., rental companies, fleet operators, ship owners, insurance companies, etc.).

Via the certificate function, existing H2-filling stations and operators of EV-charging stations are first of all checked whether they are qualified for the energy used. If so, they qualify for the HydroCoin Network. Participants are listed on a map and made accessible to all users with detailed information and navigation. HydroCoin acts as an instrument for customer loyalty (i.e., airline miles, customer cards, etc.). If the gas station then also participates in the payment system, it automatically becomes a hub in the HydroCoin network. Customer loyalty is enhanced as the “currency” HydroCoin is only issued where it is accepted. Customers will also take minor detours and avoid other gas stations. This increase in acceptance as a means of payment inevitably increases demand, and with it, the price of HydroCoin will raise.


The outstanding function of HydroCoin will be the payment function. To do this, HydroCoin will use its network connection to the blockchain via smart contracts. In this network, payments can be made in real time and without any charge. Furthermore, the smallest possible payments are fully automatic machine-to-machine (for example, car-to-pump). The HydroCoin infrastructure is open to other suppliers to realize new solutions. Possible solutions: car-sharing, bike rental, trailer rental, autonomous refueling vehicles, etc.


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