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October 7, 2018






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MaxData is solving a real-world pain that will impact every person worldwide. MaxData’s vision is to lower the cost of living by utilizing blockchain technology. Their platform allows for the mass adoption of blockchain technology, as it allows any smartphone user to interact with the blockchain in a hassle-free fashion. MaxData is building a bridge between businesses and consumers, and empowering both sides. It allows for a true decentralized economic system to develop.


MaxData’s has a diverse team with experts in finance, marketing, UX, gamification and Blockchain technology. Part of the team has been involved in various exits and venture capital. The Advisory board consists of director level experts from the various verticals they are going to disrupt.


MaxData is the world first reverse bid marketplace, where the consumer is put at the center. Consumer private data stays in the hands of consumers and stays encrypted while data about consumer’s needs is publicly available on the blockchain. Companies are able to pay consumers for the right to send them tailor-made offers which will reduce the consumer’s cost of living.


User data is currently owned by big data giants such as Facebook and google, who earn billions by selling advertising space to businesses. MaxData is the first platform that allows users to anonymously provide information about their needs. Detailed information about the current plans for insurance, phone plans, TV, broadband and more will be available for companies to check. Based on this information they can, only if they have a better offer, send consumers tailor-made offers directly to their app. The customers stay anonymous.

Only after a consumer accepts the offer will the business know the consumer’s private details. But even then the consumer’s app hash will change to provide maximum anonymity.

This marketplace will be the foundation of a new decentralized economic model saving consumers and businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year.


Consumers can use MaxData’s app to upload their service needs directly to the blockchain in an easy hassle free way.

As we want our tokens and platform’s users to be distributed as much as possible we opened

Simply register and you will be part of the new service economy.


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