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This company prides itself on establishing a new standard for distribution and verification of digital data. Their platform is the first in the world to embed cutting-edge, multilateral index hashing technology. It enables users to hash and timestamp their work in the blockchain. NKOR will track the way it is used, and profit from its distribution, ultimately retaining control over intellectual property and copyright.


NKOR’s small, but effective team is comprised of Internet tech experts, international patent law advisors and financial experts with decades of collective experience on international financial markets.


Digital content is encrypted on the blockchain via multi-layer indexing. It is very simple and easy to transmit data this way, and that’s far from the only advantage – individual cryptographic keys offer members the option to provide instant, secure access to their content all over the world.


NKOR ecosystem is based on the concept of anchoring. Uploaded data is hashed through the indexing algorithm and cemented in the blockchain, where it can no longer be changed. This adds another layer of copyright protection. Creators of content scan their work, track its distribution, verify its authorship and profit from donations and licensing.
NKOR’s innovative indexing algorithm assists creators in tracing how their products are used across the ecosystem. Participants in NKOR’s marketplace interact directly without a central hub gathering their personal info. They can sell their work and eliminate intermediates, retain their licensing rights, reach new target groups, publish publicly or privately, and find new artists and contributors without having to face the obstacles mediators put in place.


NKOR’s innovative technology authenticates and verifies digital data, which is then connected via smart contract to a blockchain transaction. It helps create an independent, next-generation marketplace for copyright distribution and intellectual property, making it possible for authors to manage their creative accomplishments as a safe, verified and authenticated digital asset.
At present, big corporations and industry mediators control the entire system of distribution of data, royalties, content, and copyright. This will change after NKOR’s blockchain-based technology is implemented within the ecosystem. The NKOR ecosystem is developed on the basis of NKR, a tradable cryptographic token. NKR is aimed at ensuring holder obtain access to NKOR platform functions. It will provide the holder with interconnectedness and compatibility with all relevant digital services. Users will participate in the platform entirely through NKR tokens, which are fully integrated into the ICO’s ecosystem. Consequently, as the number of platform users increases, so will the value of and demand for the token.
NKOR’s focus is on facilitating marketplace decentralization. They aim to make these hubs fairer, transparent, safe and accessible to the masses. Hence, the platform will enable users to register their data and verify its origin and authorship. Furthermore, it will trace its usage, prevent unauthorized uploading of the data and copyright infringement of the content. Moreover, it will issue a license on the right to use the content via smart contracts. In addition, content creators will be remunerated accordingly as it will perform payments transfer.

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