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August 30, 2018






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June 1, 2018

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The concept of Omega One is based on four premises: security, decentralization, low cost, and liquidity. Members’ funds are segregated on the blockchain on decentralized smart contracts. Furthermore, the company’s system compounds liquidity across a vast number of exchanges, and trade execution logic. Hence, further improves liquidity. Their order routing and smart execution can reduce costs dramatically. In addition, the secure smart contract wallet system protects members from counterparty exchange risk.


The CEO of Omega One is Alex Gordon-Brander. Mr. Brander is a leading trading platform designer who holds a patent on the platform MarketAxess. In addition, he is experienced in portfolio design applications. He devised the world’s biggest hedge fund’s specifications for algorithmic trading. Another Team is member Michael Guadarrama is COO.

He is responsible for the company’s operational execution and strategic vision. Previously, he was Head of Investments Technology for T. Rowe Price.

The CTO of the company is Daniel Flax. He has worked for many major financial institutions, most notably CAN Capital and The Street. He was a top executive at both.


Omega One is constructing a bridge between digital assets and traditional markets using world-class trading algorithms and technology. By improving security and liquidity in digital asset trading, the company is laying the foundation for a more effective, decentralized and flexible financial system.

Their platform will provide investors, traders, and institutions with an automated and decentralized trade execution system. It will execute trades across international crypto exchanges in an intelligent way, protecting them from risk from counterparties and reducing transaction cost greatly.

By increasing crypto market liquidity dramatically, Omega One is helping cryptocurrencies mature as an asset class.


Omega One offers a safe and cheap way to execute cryptocurrency trade.Furthermore, their tokens are available for purchase by U.S. citizens, which is a rarity. In addition, a bug bounty program will be announced as soon as the company is ready to release the first version of their system.

First of all, Omega One is an automated, membership-based trading platform for cryptocurrencies and other crypto-assets. It is offering cheap, secure trading by utilizing liquidity from international exchanges and managing order flow algorithmically. Also, the company makes trustless atomic swaps possible by using their balance sheet to connect investors and the marketplace. As a result, their members are thus protected from hacking risks. At the present, only decentralized venues offer safety. Finally, the performance provided by the company’s platform claims to surpass that of any and all centralized exchanges.


You need to buy a token to become a member of the company’s platform. Their tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the benefits of utilities of the platform will be dispersed among token holders. In addition, the more tokens you have, the higher access levels to services of the platform you will enjoy.

These include trading, wallets, fee discounts, execution priority, premium analytics and research. Therefore, instead of setting fees to amass the maximum possible profit from the system, Omega One attempts to sustain low fees. Yet, still covering expenses such as blockchain and exchange fees, staff and operation costs, and overhead costs. Consequently, this will increase demand for the service, leading more people and institutions to join the platform and purchase more tokens, thereby increasing value and network effects.

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  1. Tsoai Motlokwa Mabaso

    I would like to know as a lame man if I want to invest in this :
    1. Where do I start
    2. How much is the minimum fee of investment
    3. I’m in South Africa I’d it possible for me to participate


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