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October 7, 2018






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SaTT (Smart Advertising Transaction Token) is a blockchain-based token utility enabling an exchange of audience and advertising payment. A Smart Contract regulates the token and sets the terms for participation in campaigns, lists advertising offers in the Ethereum blockchain, evaluates the success of campaigns, and sets the final remuneration. The choice was made to base the token on the Ethereum blockchain because it is fast, safe, inexpensive, and flexible. The purpose of the project is to render the distribution of rewards on the market of internet traffic more reasonable by getting rid of all the constraints centralized mediators bring about.


The company’s team is as follows:
• CEO: Gauthier Bros
• CTO: Stephanie Clement
• System admin: Samir Ksibi
• Design: Caroline Pourchier
• Director of Marketing: Jordan Delagnau
• Advisers: Ludovic Delaherche, Soraya Khireddine, Emmanuelle Pelloux, Jean Michel Billaut, Joseph Ouziel, and Richard Esteve


The ultimate goal of the token is to enable optimal quantification of results to assess the effectiveness of digital actions in terms of campaign targets, brand awareness, preference, performance, and memorization. Aspects of performance include, but are not limited to increased traffic, offline and online sales, and generation of leads or opportunities. The token also aims to drive community engagement by creating content, taking part in branding, discovering indicators that define the interaction and engagement, and evaluating the influence of the clients. 


The present model makes it possible for advertising agencies or affiliate networks to assess the performance of a marketing or advertising campaign based on how many clicks, impressions, or sales transactions have taken place. As a result, each platform has a specific statistical tool, which is relatively safe and reliable but doesn’t include social network reactions, which can help move the assessment of the performance of an ad a great deal forward. These tools are like those advertisers use, such as Google and Facebook Analytics. They interact with the Smart Contract automatically to quantify the ad performance and establish how much money the publisher should get. The advertiser can then select a third party app depending on his goal.


Publishers and advertisers will be able to get results such as sales, impressions, reactions, clicks, or subscribers on the social networks using the SaTT Smart Contract for all of their campaigns with the most suitable tools depending on their objectives. They can also add new means depending on how the usage evolves. Moreover, the SaTT will help augment security. At present, a hacker can access every account in a centralized network, and all ad campaigns are put on hold until the issue was resolved if a technical failure occurs on a centralized platform. Via the blockchain, advertisers are not connected to their campaigns. Therefore, a hack will not affect them. The SaTT Smart Contract will create a system where Ethereum blockchain-secured modules control ads and transactions. Other advertisers’ ad integrity is sustained if an oracle or module malfunctions.

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    Its great as your other articles : D, thankyou for putting up. “History is a pact between the dead, the living, and the yet unborn.” by Edmund Burke.


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