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August 30, 2018


The Right ICO Community

As demand for Bitcoin surges, so do criticism. Awareness is key to any involvement in cryptocurrency. Since the beginning of the year, the value of Bitcoins has surged by almost 1000%. While it lures some investors with supernormal returns, others have been scared away by equally huge risks. Speculation about cryptocurrency being a “bubble” gathered pace after concerns of a new currency (Bitcoins cash) emerged. The speculation saw its value plummet 25% in just five days. What really breeds the whirlwinds nowadays is the uncertainty and volatility of technology’s long-term viability. As crypto enthusiasts and evangelists turn into overnight millionaires, don’t see it as a fad and doomed to fade. If you do, you’ll have no one to blame in future. The crypto market capitalization rose fastest this year, pushing even adamant mainstream institution to take notice and exploit it. The Right ICO community is the ultimate space to drive out all your wild speculations about this nascent asset class. Specifically, our community will facilitate your learning in the following ways;

Offer education on Bitcoin’s concept

Bitcoin is a mysterious technology that seemingly emerged out of nowhere. Even with the simplest explanation, it can be difficult to understand what the heck Bitcoin is. The right ICO will help you comprehend Bitcoin’s concept, how the mysterious cryptocurrency launched, its transactions and reasons for its exponential growth. You probably don’t know that you can use it to buy groceries and clothes, just as any other currency.

Provide interactive webinars

We value a direct and regular contact with our audience and consider webinars an integral part of our community. Our videos and Livestream will reinforce your understanding of Bitcoin that you’ve derived from other types of the content. Any questions posted to participants will be handled adequately to improve the impact of every message delivered.The Right ICO utilizes charts, polls, and calls to action to make webinars more interactive and practical.

Review various exchanges and e-wallets

The Right ICO aggregates reputable and noteworthy Bitcoin exchanges around the world and evaluates them according to critical buying factors. Our reviews are more detailed and bear all the information you need to know before choosing an exchange. Whether you’re entirely new to the world of cryptocurrency, or you’re simply looking for the best exchange.

As a member, you can review, contribute and vote

When you have a grasp of the concept behind this biggest buzzword in the financial space, you are free to contribute. There may be millions of people out there waiting to benefit from your content. We believe that contribution is a foundation aspect of how individual members can benefit the community. The Right ICO community is also keen to foster an environment where members are eager to experience and share.

ICO verification process by the community

The last one year has seen remarkable growth in cryptocurrency space. The ICO boom has created instant millionaires while stripping others of their wealth. In the ICO market, risk management is the most significant edge to successful investment.

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