August 30, 2018


One of our recent features added to our member’s zone area is the token price list widget. The widget is devised to allow an easy token price list and performance tracking display. Usually, post an ICO, it takes a while for a token to be emitted to a major crypto exchange. That is if it ever makes it to one. That in mind, you can now revisit your account and have your token price list saved and available for you to review. As a member, you may set up your preferences and access it on the web or mobile 24/7.

What’s The Big Idea

Some members score their tokens by participating in an ICO bounty program or through airdrops. While others buy them through an ICO crowdsale. Initially, the concept of a project’s token was to serve as a utility within the ecosystem. These days many token holders intend to use them for capital gains. That in mind, it is important to follow the token performance if the intention is to trade it on peer to peer basis. For that reason, we’ve created the token price list widget. Consequently, each of our community members can create a price tracker of their choosing and customize it according to their needs.

The First thing you will need to do to get access to this cool feature is to register as a member on our site. Clearly, registration is 100% free. A membership provides perks such as access to the token price list widget to name a few. So, Let’s get right to it. Once you’ve registered you’ll be able to find two buttons on the home page left side screen:
1. Price widget
2. Price list

The Token Price List Widget

Clicking the price widget button will reveal it as a bar on the top of the screen below the site’s main menu. In turn, tokens that were switched on will display on price bar with their current market value in USDT. This is intended to provide an easy view of your portfolio pricelist while you’re on most pages on our site. Simply, click the Price Widget again to hide it from view.

Price List Widget Setting

The Price List button will open up the widget setting page. First, this is where you can customize which tokens you wish to display in the price list bar. Simply click the “OFF” button next to the token symbol to switch it on and have the symbol displayed in the pricelist bar. To remove the token or cryptocurrency from the pricelist bar simply switch it off by clicking the “ON” button.

Deeper analysis

Second, On the upper left-hand side, you will find a drop-down menu. You may sort the entire token list in the following order: None, Rank, Name, Symbole (“Code”), Price, Market Cap, Percentage Change 1H/24H/1D. Right next to it is the “SHOW” button. Simply click it to access a drop-down menu that will enable you to choose the number of tokens to display on a single page. Finally, all the way to the right is the “Search” button. If you know the token symbol (“code”) you’re looking for simply type it in to display its stats. Stats that will be available (per feed availability) are Name, Code, Widget, Rank, Price ($), Price (BTC), Market Cap ($), 24h Volume ($), Percent change 1h, Percent change 24h, Percent change 7d.

In conclusion, we hope you will enjoy this new addition to our site. We build this with our member’s needs in mind. To clarify, please note that feed rates and timing may vary. This feature is for demonstration purposes only and is not a recommendation. Please review our site’s disclaimer for more information at the footer of our site.


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